Mann Aimee - Stupid Thing tab

Stupid Thing/Aimee Mann

(capo up 3 frets)

Intro: D  CGD   CG

D            F#m       Bm    G
Nothing was saving our day
          D          F#m         C                   G
There was nothing to say but you said something anyway
D          F#m            Bm  G
Claiming I stepped out of line
      D              F#m        C                G      G/F#
which forced you to leave me as if that idea was mine

Em             G
Oh, you stupid thing
D                          A
Speaking of course as your dear departed
Em             G
Oh, you stupid thing
D                 A
It wasn't me that you outsmarted
Em            G
Oh, you stupid thing
            D              Am   G           D
stopping it all before it even started

D            F#m        Bm    G
I bet you knew it would come 
D                F#m         C                   G
that's just like you, to sit back and just play it dumb
D                 F#m            Bm    G
One word of warning would help
          D        F#m                C                   G   G/F#
but that sacrifice was made trying to save yourself


Bm     G  D  Am G  D
Bm     G  D  Am G  CGD

D                F#m          Bm    G
Maybe that's just how I am 
    D              F#m           C                  G
to fall where I stand or I'm weak for that kind of man
D                   F#m           Bm    G
One who looks helpless and brave
                     D      F#m        C     (bass notes)  c    b   a   G             G/F#
but you turned into a coward I don't care for the parts you saved
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