Manntis - Wihered Soul tab

Song:Weathered Soul
Album:Sleep In Your Grave

 X :dead note
 > :hold note
 . :palm mute
 r :let note ring
 p :pull off
This is prettey much the whole song except for the soloing. Enjoy.

Part Ae|----------| \B|----------| \G|----------| you get the idea...jus add the beat. \D|-00000000-| \A|-00000000-| \D|-00000000-| \
........ X3 /Part B /e|-----------------| /B|-----------------| /G|-----------------| there some kind of harmonic or /D|-0-3-0-3-2-0---0-| pinch or wah wah for the last 3 A|-------------3---| notes at certain partsD|-----------------|
Part Ce|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------| once again add the beat.D|-3333333333-7777777777-|A|-3333333333-7777777777-|D|-3333333333-7777777777-| .......... ..........
Part D Part Ee|-------------------| e|----------|B|-------------------| B|-10-10-10-|G|-------------------| Repeat as needed, then... G|-X--X--X--|D|-------------------| D|-8--8--8--| X2A|-00-00-00-00-00-00-| A|----------|D|-00-00-00-00-00-00-| D|----------| .. .. .. .. .. ..
Part D again then,
Part Fe|----------------|B|-10-10-10/5-5-5-|G|-X--X--X-/X-X-X-|D|-8--8--8-/3-3-3-|A|----------------|D|----------------|
Part Ge|---------|B|---------|G|-------3-| X3 (Repeat the palm muted opens as needed)D|-------X-|A|-00-00---|D|-00-00---| .. ..
Part E : X2
Part He|--------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------|D|-0>-----0-2-3>-----88-77-555--8-7p0-5>----7-5-7-8-|A|-0>-----0-2-3>-----88-77-555--8-7p0-5>----7-5-7-8-|D|-0>-----0-2-3>-----88-77-555--8-7p0-5>----7-5-7-8-| . . . .
I'm gonna skip the part during the solo, its easy enough to figure out on your own, its all repeat notes.
End with,e|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|------------------------------| Hold for about 17-18 secondsD|-0>r--------------------------|A|-0>r--------------------------|D|-0>r--------------------------| . . . . Thats Prettey Much everything you need to know to play the whole song except the solo. Have fun.
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