Manong - Theres Still Hope chords

Theres Still Hope

Verse: F-----Most people
thinks that there's no more hope They find their ways to forget with all the thoughts Not realizing that the future beholds Refrain I:
A#in times of sorrow
Cthere's someone who understand
A# Cand to be shared with all the pain
Fthere’s still hope
Cwithin you and me
A# we must believe in this song
Cbecause its not ordinary
Fthere's still hope
Cwithin you and me
A#we must believe
Verse II: F----- most people risk for something else they thought that they are right but it puts more to conflict not knowing that the things becomes worst Refrain II:
A#in times of trouble
Cthere is He who understands
A# Cand to be shared with the pain
Gm Anow this is the time
A#that we are together
Cwe must send this message to you
Gm Athat Jesus died
A# for a purpose
Csalvation for all
Interlude: F-C-A#-C(REPEAT CHORUS)
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