Manong - Lifes A Race chords

Life's A Race
by: The_Boundary_Limit

Intro: G-D-Em-C

Verse I:
G DIt's been a long day
Em Csince i stepped down on this driving chair
G DIt's been a moment when
Em CI looked back and see where I begin
G D Em Cmy...
G D Em Clife as a human
G DIn the mirror I see
Em Ctrials that are chasing me
G DBut at the back of my seat
Em CI see Jesus that is guiding me
G D Em Call...
G D Em C-- along the way Chorus:
G BmLets try to finish the race
C DSolve the problems that we face
G BmLets try to conquer it all
C D- G D Em CIt doesn't matter if we rise or fall
Verse II:
G DAll my wheels seemed
Em Cto be turning slow
G D EmI can hear the engine in myself
Cthat would blow
G D Em C G D Em Coff... my heart and soul
G DI need sunlight
EmI need water
CI need air
G DParts of the gift that
Em Cwe received and we should share
G D Em C G D Em Cwith... to all of them
[repeat chorus] Bridge:
G D Em CAs long as God is within yourself
G D Em Cthe rest will be done and your faith sticks to one
G D Em CWhat matters most is that you cross on the line
G D Em C-and you shall receive...
G D Em Cthe greatest divine (repeat until fade)
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