Manong – Miracle Come True chords

Song Title: Miracle Come True
Artist: chubby


Verse I: (CP: Am F C G)

You made your mind
that you are going far away
Promised to be back
but for a very long long time

Am F I am alone in the darkness
C GWishing you were here
Am FPulling me back to the top
C G-- Saving me from my fear Chorus:
C I'm still hoping
Amthat you are not leaving
F GWishing from the stars
Cup above at night
AmI am sleeping, relying
F G C-Am-F-Gon miracle miracle to come true
Verse II: (CP: C Am F G) Time's counting down You are about to leave me now My promises, i will make it right I'm gonna keep it, gonna hold 'em tight (repeat Refrain) (repeat Chorus) x3
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