Manowar – Spirithorse Of The Cherokee tab


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Date: Sun, 01 Dec 1996 21:53:56 +0100
From: Jan Willem Eckhardt 
Subject: tab: manowar - Spirithorse of the Cherokee

Spritit Horse of the Cherokee

from their album: The Triumph of Steel

Tune your lower E-snare down to D for playing this

D and E mean d and e chords in 0 and II position
d and e mean D and E chords in V and VII position

riff no.1

git.: E5bass transcribed into guitar:A ----------------|----------------|D 22522-2-2-2-2-2-|22522-2-2-2-2-2-|
repeat this while singing: We welcomed them as brothers, noing nothing of their greed born hunters not the hunted, as the white man hunts for me We are descendants of the animals, we live among them free Our trail of tears would end
A -------|D 222----|
one day at Wounded Knee CHORUS: E G d e E G D E [E5] great [G5] spirit, thunderbirds [d5] fly We are wild and [e5] free [E5] To fight and die by the [G5] open sky, [D5] Spirit horse, ride for [E5] me
A ----------------| D 222-222-222-222-| d5 e5 A5 B5
Wha-a-o wha-a-o wha-a-o aaaow|Wha-a-o wha-a-o wha-a-o aaaow|^?
now play again the first piece, but with other lyrics
A ----------------| D 22522-2-2-2-2-2-|
When we do the Ghost Dance, the buffalo will return[ Paint ourselves for war, now blood and fire burn Great Spirit make us strong, take us to the sky The Cherokee are brave,
A --------| D 222-----|
we are not afraid to die now repeat the CHORUS Whroo[E5]aaa Red Cloud [e5 A5] Black Hawk, Sitting Bull [B5 e5] Crazy Horse, [E5 A5] Geronimo [e5]Strong [d5]and [B5]brave [A5]Warriors [G5]to the [A5]grave only drums by this part: Whoaow Whoaow whao-whao-whaoaa Auwa-auwa-auwa awa-awa-awa or something like that;) E F# G A d [E5] There has been [F#5]much [G5]killing [A5] There will be much [d5] more [E5] The Medicine Man [F#5]is [G5]dancing, [A5] he's calling us to [d5] war. [E5] Hatchets sing [F#5]with [G5]pride, [A5] let the white man [d5]die! Repeat chorus 4x, but without the screaming part (from now, don't look at the timing in the tab's) now play the screaming part, but then with
A 9-979-7-5-7|-----------|D -----------|7-757-2-2-2|
then play:
A 7-757------|------------|D -----------|9-979-------|
repeat this E5 And that's it.
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