Mans Zelmerlow - Hope And Glory tab


             C#m                  A
Iíll tell you lover, lover, it feels so strong
                  Esus4/F#            Eadd9
It doesnít matter if life wants to prove us wrong
Weíve gotta make it through, mh, weíve gotta 
make it through

                 C#m                      Asus2
Iíll tell you Iíve been a solider since childhood 
                Esus4/F#             Eadd9  
Iíve fought a battle for my life in many ways
            Bsus4                        Asus2    
Iím gonna fight for you, yeah, Iím gonna fight  
for you

Donít stop!

   Asus2                 E            
Iím still standing for hope and glory
 Bsus4               C#madd9
Iíll be fighting for my love story
  Asus2                  E              Bsus4
Iím still standing for hope and glory, now
          C#m                     E
All the battles I lost and the battles I won
           Bsus4                 C#m
This will be the one, this will be the one
       A                      E
Ohh, Iím still standing for hope and glory
            E/A                 C#m
And love, itís gonna be the one
(Yeah, itís gonna be the one)
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