Manson Marilyn - Rock & Roll Nigger tab

Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 04:08:45 -0500
From: (Shleestak)
Subject: TAB "Rock & Roll Nigger"  Marilyn Manson

Here is rockNroll nigger as performed by Marily Manson...Soon as the Dope
Hat single came out i had to tab's soooooo good.  look also for I
Put a Spell on You and the acoustic "White Trash/Cake and Sodomy"



pm----| ^v pm-- ^v ^vB|------------|------------|------------|------------|G|------------|------------|------------|------------|D|-------77/9-|-------77/9-|-------77/9-|--9\7-------|A|-------55/7-|-------55/7-|-------55/7-|--7\5---9\7-|E|-00000------|-00000------|-00000------|------0-7\5-|
B|-------------------------|G|-------------------------|D|---------------9\7-------|A|---------------7\5---9\7-|E|-0000000000****----0-7\5-| *=blah # of times
outside in society....
B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|--7/9-999--9-----------|A|--5/7-777--79-99\7-7---|E|------------7-77\5-5---| at least that's how i play it.
tabbed by shleestak of course 8) any mail direct towards: "Dare to be honest, be yourself. A cowardly man......" -=Korn=- FVGAZI. me homepage....
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