Manson Marilyn – Tourniquet tab

Follow the same pattern ALL THE WAY THROUGH, hope it sounds good. 
If you don't wanna play the D# (i personally don't like how it sounds)
then play D - F#m - A - F#m , but the song is originally in D#

D#  Gm  A#  
x   3   6
8   3   6
8   3   7
8   5   8
6   5   8
x   3   6

D#                                Gm
  She's made of hair and bone and little teeth,
A#                 Gm
  Things I cannot speak
D#                    Gm
  She comes on like a crippled plaything,
A#                  Gm
  Spine is just a string

D#                      Gm
  I wrapped our love in all this foil,
A#                      Gm
  Silver-tight like spider legs
D#                     Gm
  I never wanted it to ever spoil,
A#                         Gm
  But flies will lay their eggs

D#                 Gm
  Take your hatred out on me,
A#                    Gm
  Make your victim my head
D#                  Gm
  You never ever believed in me,
A#                 Gm
  I am your tourniquet

  Prosthetic synthesis with butterfly,
  Sealed up with virgin stitch
  If it hurts baby please tell me,
  Preserve the innocence

  I never wanted it to end like this,
  But flies will lay their eggs 

(here you can follow the same pattern or just play Gm repeatedly)
  What I wanted,
  What I needed,
  What I got for me...x2

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