Mansun – Being A Girl Solo tab

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From: "Ben M Hollis" 
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2000 16:38:30 GMT
Subject: m/mansun/

Being A Girl 
by Mansun

transcribed by Ben Hollis

This is the solo, its just an arpeggio
on C#m, C#sus4 and C#sus2
played at the 11th fret.

The clever among you will have
thought that maybe this song is
played with the guitar tuned down
a semitone, but since most people
don't play with both "drop D" AND
down a semitone (drop C#) here
it is in normal tuning

Use lots of chorus


C#sus4 C#sus2
You get the idea, if you have some clever guitar pedal and tune down a semitone you can even play this in the first position
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