Maps And Atlases - Ted Zancha tab

Just the beginning. I'll come back to it when I can.

Guitar 1 (Dave): Only the 7's are played with the right hand|---------------------------------------||---7---7----7---7----7----7---7--7--7--||---6--------6--------6-----------------||-------6--------6---------6---6--6--6--||-7---7----7---7----7----7-----7--7--7--||-5---5----5---5----5----5-----5--5--5--|
Guitar 2 (Erin): Only the 10's are played with the right hand|------------------------------9--9--9------||-------------------------------------------||---6--------6--------6--------9--9--9------||-------6--------6---------6----------------||-------------------------------------------||-5---5----5---5----5----5------------------|
That's the extent of what I have for sure right now.
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