Maps And Atlases - The Ongoing Horrible tab

So, I thought that the only tab on this site for this song was fantastic and I'd just
to thank that person for helping me get this song down--I wouldn't have come this far

That being said, the tuning for this song is: B F# B F# B D#.
this can be achieved by tuning the 10th fret on low E to open A, tuning A to the 7th
harmonic on the detuned E string, tuning D down and octave above the detuned low E string,
G half a step down to F# (an octave above the detuned A string), leaving the B string as 
is, and then finally tuning the high E to the 4th fret of the B string.

Now that that's out of the way, the progression for this song is based on harmonic
 Simply make your finger as straight as possible and slap all of the strings right across
frets to produce the sound (probably want to lay the guitar on your lap to do this).  
cool tapping noises Dave makes are just his fingers on a full bodied acoustic guitar.  Rap
four index fingers in succession followed by a swift thump of your thumb on the body.

---7------12------5------7------|---7------12------5------7------|---7------12------5------7------| (repeat several times)---7------12------5------7------|---7------12------5------7------|---7------12------5------7------|
The outro/second riff/whatever you want to call it is the real change I'm making to the tab. It's not just "tapping the 7th fret randomly" but a structured arpeggio of the 7th harmonic chord. Here is the basic pattern shown below:
---------------------------|--------------7------------|---7--------------7-----7--|-------7-------------7-----|----------7----------------|==tune up from open to 2nd fret== (use your ear)---------------------------|
and then occasionally he throws in the 7th fret harmonic on the high e (detuned to D#) a different rhythm on the recording and some live versions. It takes some practice but it is definitely worth your while. Work on getting that melody to sound out rather than just go flat (but this may be hard or easy depending on the of acoustic your playing it on). If you have any questions/comments/corrections/concerns email me at Cheers, Cameron singer/guitarist for The Red Peace
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