Marc Cohn - One Safe Place tab

Taken from a couple of live versions, so it may vary.

Capo 5th fret

Chords used:

Cadd9: X32030
G: 320030
Dsus2: XX0230

Intro/Chorus: Cadd9 G Dsus2

The picking pattern has a couple of variations, but its mostly based around this. 
Some notes are added or not played (the note on the D string in the Cadd9 and G chords 
experiment a bit, you can't go far wrong using the chord patterns.

Verse: The verse also uses variations on a similar pattern, usually consisting of one of these of a mix of the two:
There is also a small bridge part after the chorus sometimes which I think goes like:
Cadd9 G Dsus2 How many roads you’ve traveled Cadd9 G Dsus2 How many dreams you’ve chased Cadd9 G Dsus2 Across sand and sky and gravel Cadd9 G Dsus2 Looking for one safe place, yeah, hey yeah Cadd9 G Dsus2 One safe place, yeah, hey yeah Will you make a smoother landing When you break your fall from grace Into the arms of understanding Looking for one safe place, yeah, hey yeah One safe place, yeah, hey yeah Oh life is trial by fire And love’s the sweetest taste And I pray it lifts us higher To one safe place, yeah, hey yeah How many roads we’ve traveled How many dreams we’ve chased Across sand and sky and gravel Looking for one safe place, yeah, hey yeah One safe place, yeah, hey yeah Thats the whole song. Comments or corrections are welcome, enjoy.
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