Marc Ford – Idle Time tab

Artist: Marc Ford (
Song: Idle Time
Album: It's About Time

I've found that there are two ways to play this- in standard tuning with a capo at the 
fret and in open G.  I prefer playing it in open G, but playing it in standard with the 
allows for easier soloing.


Tuning: EADGBe (Standard), with a capo at the third fret.

Main Riff/Chorus/Solo Rhythm (in relation to the capo):E------------------------|B------------------3--2--|G------------------2--2--|D--------2---------4--2--|A-----------2------------|E--0h3h4------3p0--------|
Then on the last time through:E----------------------|B-------------------2--|G-------------------2--|D--------2----------2--|A-----------2----------|E--0h3h4------3p0------|
Verses: G C/G F/G Pre-Chorus: Em D C D Em D C D Em A B C D Bridge: D C The chords listed above are the actual pitch, not the chord shapes in relation to the The chord shapes in relation to the capo for the verses are E A/E D/E, meanwhile the of the chords can be played normally by barring them. VERSION 2 Tuning: DBGDGD (Open G)
Main Riff/Chorus/Solo Rhythm:D------------------0--0--|B------------------3--1--|G--------0---------0--0--|D-----------0------3--2--|G--0h3h4------3p0--0--0--|D------------------------|
Then on the last time through:D-------------------0--|B-------------------1--|G--------0----------0--|D-----------0-------2--|G--0h3h4------3p0---0--|D----------------------|
The rest of the song is the same, with the chords adjusted for open G as follows:
G C/G F/G Em D C A BD------2----3-------------------|B------1----1----8--7--5--2--4--|G--0---0----2----9--7--5--2--4--|D--0---2----3----9--7--5--2--4--|G--0---0----0----9--7--5--2--4--|D-------------------------------|
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