Marc Ford - Greazy Chicken tab

Artist: Marc Ford
Song: Greazy Chicken
Album: Weary and Wired

This song is basically a six minute guitar solo, but the rhythm part features three 

Main Riff:E----------------------------------|B----------------------------------|G----------------------------------|D-------8-------8-------8----8h10--|A--8h10-8--8h10-8--8h10-8--8-8h10--|E--8-------8-------8-------8-------|
Listen to the song for the timing, which is slightly different in the first few measures compared to the rest of the song.
Part B:E------------------|B--10--10--11--11--|G---8---8---8---8--| x2D--10--10--10--10--|A---8---8---8---8--|E------------------|
Part B is played twice and is followed by the main riff once. This whole phrase is then repeated.
Part C:E---------------------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------------------|G--8--10--------------------------------------------|D--8--10--10----10--8--3---------------------1------|A--6---8--10----10--8--3------1---1h3------1---1h3--|E----------8-----8--6--1--1-3---3------1-3----------|
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