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Marc Ford
"When You Go"
It's About Time

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Standard Tuning

Intro: Am D Am De-----------I-----------I-----------I-----2---I-----2-|B-----------I-----------I-----------I-1---3---I-1---3-|G-----------I-----------I-----------I-2---2---I-2---2-|D-------0---I-------0---I-------0---I-2---0---I-2---0-|A---2-3-----I---2-3-----I---2-3-----I-0-------I-0-----|E-3-------2-I-3-------2-I-3-------2-I---------I-------|
VS:G D/F# Em DEvery time we turn to go, you set your angels freeC Bm Am* w/ fill 1 - D-----0---|A quiet storm will rage inside of me A-2-3-----|G D/F# Em D E-------2-|Its hard to see from where I stood down on the groundC Bm Am* w/ fill 1This lonely boy thats keeping me this round
Chs: G When you go F C Tears begin to flow G Don't you know F C Pains come and go G Don't you know D When you go Am D Sun don't seem to warm me when you go (to intro riff) When you go Repeat as necessary
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