Marc Ford – Two Mules And A Rainbow chords

Marc Ford
"Two Mules and a Rainbow"
It's About Time

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Standard Tuning

Intro: Am G Ame----------I-------|B----------I-----1-|G-2-2------I-0---2-|D-2-2------I-0---2-|A-0-0------I-2---0-|E-----3b-0-I-3-----|
Am G AmWell it started happy
Am G AmIt soon grew cold
Dm C DmIt started out sunny
Am G AmIt soon grew warm
F Em DmWondering where all the talking goes
Its been the story of two mules and rainbow Bridge:
AmSome things take a while
GSome things just are less
DmFurnish your new life
EmIts just a thing of the past
Play the chords mainly as power chords with the minor notes added in periodically for some fullness and texture
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