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Marc Streitenfeld – Into The Fray tab ver. 2

So this probably my first tab. I just watched the movie and it was to awesome to 
explain. I was hypnotized by the melody played in the credits, but after looking for tabs and 
not being able to find any I decided to try it for myself.
It's still a work in progress but I'm sure some of you are glad to find this.

I tabbed it using the OST on youtube

This is the part(3:28) that is played on a harp or something but it sounds pretty 
awesome on the guitar when you mix it with other instruments.

e --------------10-10----10-----------------------------------------------|b --13-13----13-------------12-12----12-12-12-----------------------------|g -(12)---12---(12)---12---(12)---12----------13--------------------------| X2d ------------------------------------------------------------------------|a ------------------------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e --------------10-10-15-10-------15----------15--------------------------|b --13-13----13-------------12-12----12-12-12-----------------------------|g -(12)---12---(12)--------(12)-------------------------------------------|d ------------------------------------------------------------------------|a ------------------------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Then it continues on from there, with some minor variations. Hope it could be of use!
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