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Author/Artist: Marcy Playground Title: A Cloak of Elvenkind Album: Marcy Playground Transcribed by: Donavon Lasseter Email: Here's a simpler version of the previous one. The only thing I've changed is the intro. Here's the intro riff, which is played throughout the song, with variations that I'm not going to be bothered with. You get the idea....
G Em A cloaking robe of elvenkind C D hangs in my wardrobe behind G Em all those things that mother said C D were proper for a boy G D C And I know I... I... I.. G D C Could not say why... why... why... G B C G D on this summer evening G Em Sixteen books on magic spells C D stacked beneath the cloak of elves G Em And sixteen books on magic spells C D so elegantly bound...
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