Marcy Playground – Down The Drain chords

I bring you the first tab on the internet of Marcy Playgrounds great song "Down 
The Drain" from their fantastic album "Leaving Wonderland... In a fit of rage", Enjoy.

NOTES: The "-" sign indicates a slide on the guitar strings to and from chords.

Intro: E-B-E, E-B-E

E AI'm staring down the drain,
E-B-E(of the sink in the bathroom) Oh oh...
E AIn a cloud of pure cocaine
E-B-E(and I think what have I done) Oh oh...
B A E-B-E-B-EIf you ignore me I swear I'll go insane
E A A6 ASo kiss me like before...
E-B-Ethe madness started
E A A6 AAnd hug me like before...
E-B-E our love departed
B A E-B-EOh Angel do you wish we never started
E A A6 A(I wish...) You could be my girl again
E-B-EThat's all I ever wanted
E A A6 AOh you could be my girl
E-B-EI only ever wanted you
E A A6 AYeah you could be my girl again
E-B-EThat's all I ever wanted,
B A E-B-EAnd to God I swear O' God I swear it's true
E A (E)I'm staring down the drain
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