Marcy Playground – America chords

Artist: Marcy PlaygroundSong: AmericaAlbum: ShapeshifterStandard Tuning G C DE----3--------------------------------|A----2----------3---------------------|D----0----------2----------0----------|G----0----------0----------2----------|B----3----------1----------3----------|e----3----------0----------2----------|
C chord hammer D chord hammerE-------------- E------------------|A----3--------- A------------------|D----2---0h2--- D----0-----0---0---|G----0--------- G----2-----2---2---|B----1--------- B----3-----3---3---|e----0--------- e----2-h3--2---3---|
Intro: GE-3----------3----------3----------3-------------|A-----2----------2----------2----------2---------|D-----0----------0----------0----------0---------|G-----0----------0----------0----------0---------|B-----3----------3----------3----------3---------|e-----3----------3----------3----------3---------|repeat pattern
GLucy came to the timberline
GClimbed up on to Rainier and
C GLooked out over Washington
C GSwore she could see the apple trees
C D G CAnd she said "ooo ooo oh I never wanna leave
G D C (with hammer on C chord - above) Ooo ooo this place
C D G COoo ooo yes I always wanna be
G C D (with hammer on D chord - above) Right here" Verse 2: Peter came to the city and Climbed up into Liberty and Looked out over Manhattan He swore he could see the beauty there And he said " ooo ooo oh I never wanna leave Ooo ooo this place Ooo ooo yes I always wanna be Right here" Bridge:
C GFind a place
C GTo call home
C GAny place
C GTo call home
Solo: (same as chorus) C D G C G D C C D G C
G C DRight here
Verse 3: And so I came in the dead of night Climbed up into the satellite and Looked out over America I swear I could see the buffalo Ooo ooo oh and I never wanna leave Ooo ooo this place Ooo ooo yes I always wanna be Right here, right here
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