Marcy Playground – Wave Motion Gun tab

I hate it when all I can find are chord tabs to songs, which are no fun to learn or 
So here is my first work in progress. I'll keep updating it. Basically, all that is left out 
the Bridge, which I may just leave up to you to figure out.

versee -0--------------|B --------------0-|G -----8---2------|D 6--6---------4--|A -------04-42----|E ----------------|
choruse -------------------------|B -------------------------|G --6-------------44444444-|D -6----6---7---2-44444444-|A 4----6---7---2--22222222-|E ----4---5---0------------| back to verse
chorus at ende -----------------|B -----------------|G -66--------------|D -66-666-7762-222-|A -44-666-7762-222-|E ----444-5540-000-|
in one big...e ----------------|B ----------------|G 666-------------|D 666-666-777-222-|A 444-666-777-222-|E ----444-555-000-|
gun!...e ----------------|B ----------------|
G 4444444444444444D 4444444444444444A 2222222222222222E ----------------
oo oo oo...e ----------------|B ----------------|G 22222222--------|
D 2222222222222222A 0000000022222222E --------00000000 repeat till end
I'm also open to suggestions since there are other ways to play this.
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