Marcy Playground - Comin Up From Behind tab

frigginjerk asked for this tab in Tab i posted the tab in the Tab Team thread
which got deleted :(

Marcy Playground - Comin' Up From Behind - tabbed by matt.

Drop D tuning

Main Riff: E G D D#e|-------------------------------------------B|-------------------------------------------G|-------------------------------------------D|-------------------------------------------A|----2--2/---5---0--0---0--0---1--1---1--1--D|----2--2/---5---0--0---0--0---1--1---1--1--
Interlude at 1:59 - E D# E D# E D# De|-------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------|A|----222-2/-111-1\-222-2/-111-1\-222-2/-111-1/-0--|D|----222-2/-111-1\-222-2/-111-1\-222-2/-111-1/-0--|
(not sure how 2/1's there are, but when you've finished that go back to the main riff again.)
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