Marduk – Darkness It Shall Be tab

 "Darkness It Shall Be" as performed by Marduk on their 19?? live-
  album "Live in Germany" (also on the Osmose World Domination II 

Tabbed by Lord Upir on 19 December 1998
Tabbing this took as long as the song lasts.
I haven't added the times in the song. Sorry...

Normal tuning (EADGBe)

This song could win the "simplest song" award or something. It uses
only four riffs (!!!), which are played by both guitars. No solo, no 
shit, nothing. Is there a song which is more simple?!?

The two tricks with this song are that is played that fucking fast
that you're right arm is getting very very tired and you'll have to
remember how many times and when every riff is played, because there
is simply no time to check it...

RIFF 1 8xe|------------------|B|------------------|G|------------------|D|-6666666633334444-|A|-6666666633334444-|E|-4444444411112222-|
RIFF 2 (riff???)e|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----------------------------------|D|-99999999999999999999999999999999-|A|-99999999999999999999999999999999-|E|-77777777777777777777777777777777-|
play riff 1 8x
RIFF 3e|----------------------------------B|----------------------------------G|----------------------------------D|-55555555666666665555555599999999-A|-55555555666666665555555599999999-E|-33333333444444443333333377777777-
2x ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------| ----------------------------------| -55555555666666663333333333333333-| -55555555666666663333333333333333-| -33333333444444441111111111111111-|
play riff 1 8x play riff 2 1x play riff 1 8x play riff 3 3x
RIFF 4e|-----------------|B|-----------------|G|-----------------|D|-6-------3-3-4-4-|A|-6-------3-3-4-4-|E|-4-------1-1-2-2-|
play riff 1 8x play riff 2 1x play riff 1 8x play riff 3 4x play riff 1 8x play riff 2 1x play riff 1 8x play riff 3 2x
ENDING RIFF (slower and slower)e|--------------------------||----|B|--------------------------||----|G|--------------------------||----|D|-6-------3-3-4-4-6--------||-6\-|A|-6-------3-3-4-4-6--------||-6\-|E|-4-------1-1-2-2-4--------||-4\-|
Let jesus fuck you...
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