Marduk – Dracul Va Domni Nou In Transilvania tab

"Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania" as performed by Marduk
 on their live album "Live in Germany"

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Tabbed by Lord Upir on 16 December 1998

Normal tuning (EADGBe)

Total time: 5:07
As far as I know, the only "slow" song from Marduk. They're great!
Anyway here is the transcription from this simple song.

INTRO RIFF (0:11) Comes after the introduction by singer Legion (Mouth of Satan).e|-------------------------------B|-------------------------------G|------------10-10-10-9-9-------D|-2--------2-10-10-10-9-9-------A|-2--------2--8--8--8-7-7-------E|-0--------0--------------------
------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------10-10-10-9-9------- -2--------2-10-10-10-9-9------- -2--------2--8--8--8-7-7------- -0--------0--------------------
------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------10-10-10-9-9------- -2--------2-10-10-10-9-9------- -2--------2--8--8--8-7-7------- -0--------0--------------------
2x --------------------------------------| --------------------------------------| ------------10-10-10\9-9\7-7\5-5\4-4--| -2--------2-10-10-10\9-9\7-7\5-5\4-4--| -2--------2--8--8--8\7-7\5-5\3-5\2-2--| -0--------0---------------------------|
(0:42) Let very long ring:e|---|B|---|G|---|D|-2-|A|-2-|E|-0-|
(0:48) Then the intro riff again:e|-------------------------------B|-------------------------------G|------------10-10-10-9-9-------D|-2--------2-10-10-10-9-9-------A|-2--------2--8--8--8-7-7-------E|-0--------0--------------------
------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------10-10-10-9-9------- -2--------2-10-10-10-9-9------- -2--------2--8--8--8-7-7------- -0--------0--------------------
------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------10-10-10-9-9------- -2--------2-10-10-10-9-9------- -2--------2--8--8--8-7-7------- -0--------0--------------------
4x --------------------------------------| --------------------------------------| ------------10-10-10\9-9\7-7\5-5\4-4--| -2--------2-10-10-10\9-9\7-7\5-5\4-4--| -2--------2--8--8--8\7-7\5-5\3-5\2-2--| -0--------0---------------------------|
(1:46) This chord is played a couple of very much times after the intro riff is played for the second time (?):e|---|B|---|G|---|D|-7-|A|-7-|E|-5-|
(2:06) After that, gtr.1 plays a lot of times that same chord (A5) while gtr.2 plays:SOLO RIFF THING 1 ??xe|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------h-p---------|D|------7-8-7-------7-8-5------7-8-7--5-7-8--7^8^7-5------|A|---0-----------0-----------0----------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|I don't know how often it is played, but it's not interesting to know.
(3:09) The heigher one is almost the same. Gtr.1 plays D5:e|----|B|----|G|----|D|-12-|A|-12-|E|-10-|
... which is played together with...SOLO RIFF THING 2 ??xe|--------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------h--p--------|D|----9-10-9-----9-10-7------9-10-9--7-9-10--9^10^9-5-----|A|--0----------0-----------0------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|... from which I also don't know how many times it's played. Repeat from solo riff 1 sometimes. But that's it! Enjoy!____________________Here are some lyrics
Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania All demons ride high upon the bewitching nightsky they are only disturbed by a newborn childs painful cry Son of the great dragon come forth to rule In all your glory, no man, no beast will be as cruel. All the angels and the puny men of god looked away frightened to death by th evil that was born on that day. Dracul come forth and see your son's soul is powerful Triumphantly holding his son, nothing could be as delightful. In our order you are now for the sake of our greatness You must murder the muslim turks in thousands no less Let them feel our neverending wrath and our steel we are men of god so let them know it for real. It's our mission to seek our enemies and kill them one by one They must be destroyed in time be sure to teach your newborn son. We must bath in the blood of the vermins called turks to win The muslims are to be executed for they live in great sin. Sultan Murad of the turks are getting more powerful each day Dracul will not be one of them thats for his mercy will pray He must turn his back on his previous allies and conspirate with the turks Beware you all of the evil blood that in Dracul hurks The holy roman emperor will get angered with this But Dracul must protect himself, it's a right of his So feel the greedy claws of death you weak men of god Treacherous thoughts was the father of the berserker prince Vlad. Seven years age is he and already in bloody war His eyes does not turn away from all that death and gore Father Dracul and brother Mircea is riding by his side Proud he is of his warrior father no matter he died. Together with the turks they ravaged through the land dragon and beast, devils and demons fighting hand in hand. Transilvania you great home of ours you they will crush There is no god to help us.
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