Marduk - Nightwing tab

MARDUK - Nightwing 
        from the great Album NIGHTWING

Transcription by Schiebl Alexander (AUSTRIA-Vienna),    june 1999
As a big marduk fan i transcriped this song, because
i like that song very much. It's an easy song, but be
carefull with some tricky details in Riff D und RIFF F.

I think this Tab is really close, but i'am not 
sure if it's exact. For corrections please email me.

*...this note is a ten or over 
P....Pull Off

INTRO RIFF E-|------------------------||B-|------------------------||G-|-----6-5-1-0------------||D-|--9--2--------9-10-9-8--||A-|--7--3--------7------6--||E-|--7-----------7------6--|| S P
RIFF A (A real boost up)E-|------------|-----------||B-|------------|-----------||G-|------------|-------4---||D-|--------6---|-747474-76-||A-|--969696-98-|-----------||E-|------------|-----------||
(Pretty cool Riff!)RIFF B RIFF C (2nd Guitar Melody to RIFF B)E-|----------|---------------------------------||B-|----------|---------------------------------||G-|----------|---------------------------------||D-|-83434676-|-------------------------7464746-||A-|-63432454-|--9686968---------9686968--------||E-|-61212454-|---------107971079---------------|| * *
RIFF D (is divided into 3 parts d1,d2,d3) d1 d2 d3E-|---------------|---------|----------||B-|---------------|---------|----------||G-|---------------|---------|----------||D-|---------------|---------|--5356535-||A-|---------------|-7578757-|----------||E-|-0-2-3-5-3-2-0-|---------|----------||
RIFF EE-|-----------||B-|-----------||G-|------*-*--||D-|--8-4-1011-||A-|--6-2-8-9--||E-|--6-2-8-9--||
RIFF F (Be carefull : RIFF F is like RIFF D, but with a few changes in d2 und d3-> d1 is used exactly in RIFF F) f1 f2E-|-----------|----------||B-|-----------|----------||G-|-----------|----------||D-|-------*---|--5356865-||A-|--75781087-|----------||E-|-----------|----------||
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