Margaret Durante - Mississippis Crying chords version 1

Mississippi's Crying
Margaret Durante
No Capo

Hey guys this is my first tab so I hope you like it!

F Bb F Bb

FIt keeps raining down the tear stained face of this
Bb F Bblonely town and I drown
F BbAnd I keep reaching for one good reason why you said good-bye
F Bbturn around
Dm Bboh you're leaving me in this empty state
Dm C Bband all I see are dark clouds as you drive away
FMississippi's crying baby
BbMississippi's sad
FI think we just figured out
Ebthat you ain't coming back
Fthe sky can see you leaving
Bband it can't hold back the tears
Dm C Bbits pouring down and my heart thinks its dying
F Bb F BbMississippi's crying
F BbNight keeps looking for him like shining in this driveway
F Bbthey don't shine
F Bb and I keep hoping that this crazy storm will drive you home
F Bbbut not this time
Dm Bboh my only wish is to change the weather
Dm C Bbare you coming back or is it gonna rain forever?
Dm (maybe?) BbWhere you going baby? What's in Tennessee?
F Cyou never said a word about Memphis
C Bbso who is she?
F It keeps raining down the tear stained face of this
Bblonely town
F Bband I drown
F Bb Mississippi's crying
F Bboooh oooh
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