Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos – I Am A Lightning Rod tab

Band- Margot and the Nuclear So & So's
Song- I Am a Lightning Rod
Album- Animal!/ Daytrotter Sessions EP
Tabber: Jon Green

The tab is based more off of the Daytrotter Session song. I donย’t know the
 technical chords name so sorry if they are a bit confusing. But let me know 
what you think. If you find mistakes I will gladly change them for you.I had 
trouble with the Bridge after the second chorus so I think that I am wrong
 at that part. Listen to the song to get the rhythm down other than that 
this is a pretty simple song. Most of the song has the base note of each 
chord picked before strumming the rest of it. Anyways have fun.

Chord Shapes:
Dm (x00231)
G7 (x20031)
Gm* (x1003x)
Cm (x35543)
A (x02220)
Gm (355333)
Dm* (x57743)

Dm   G7     Gm*
I'll be you

Dm         G7     Gm*  Cm
you'll be talkin' to a flowerpot

A                                      Dm
but that's hardly worth a thought

      G7             Dm
or a plague of frogs

             G7     Gm*    Dm 
we will vomit up 

       G7       Gm*
our chicago luck

Cm                            A
and we will dance

on broken sheets of glass

      G7          Dm
to make our point.

Gm                    Cm
and if this town seems too big

 G7                         Gm*              Gm
if the traffic freaks you out

i will be your lightning rod
G7              Gm*             Cm   Slide Dm*
delivering sound to you

Verse 2: (Same as above)
he's a charming wreck
and he's a handsome wreck
the kind of rat
that took my woman back to his pad
and i'm not travelin'
i'm not sleepin' in
the clothes i wore
a hundred times or more.

Chorus (Same as above)

Cm        Fm
What will I do?

Cm        Fm
What will I do...

when my nerves get

topsy turvy

Little riff thrown in here:e|--------------------------------------------|B|-0-0-1s3-0-1-0----0-0-1s3-0-1-0----0-0-3-7\-|G|--------------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
Verse 3 (Same as above) I'll be you if you want me to i'll clean your clock Chorus (Same as above) And if this town seems too big, if the traffic freaks you out. I will be your lightning rod delivering sound. I can see beneath your skin. It really freaks me out. I will be your camera's flash delivering sunbeams. End song with Cm Chord.
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