Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos – Broad Ripple Is Burning tab ver. 2


Note: This is the album version of the song.

The song is basically variations of the same two lines, with hammer-ons and slight 
changes between them.

t= thumb
u= upstroke
d= downstroke

It starts with this:

Em C Ge|-----------------|------------------|---3333------33----0---0-|B|-----------------|----11111---------|-------------------3---3-|G|-----------------|------------------|-------------------------|D|----2----0---0-2-|----20022---------|-------------------------|A|----2--2---2-----|-3--33333---------|---2222------22----------|E|--0--------------|------------------|-3-3333----3-33--3---2---| dudud t dudu t du t u t u
Em C Ge|-----------------|-------------------|--3333----33----3---3------|B|-----------------|---1---------------|----------------0---0------|G|-----------------|-----------0-------|---------------------------|D|---22-------0----|---2---0h2----2-0--|---------------------------|A|---22---0h2------|3--3---------------|--2222----22---------------|E|-0---------------|-------------------|3-3333--3-33--3---2--------|
du dudu du t u t u I find it easier to use the ring finger on A string and the middle finger on D string the intro Em flourishes, it works well with the transition to the C chord, it just feels a little weird fingering chord that way. Another Em 'flourish':
For the chorus: G/B 200003 Em C G G/B Em And I’m wasted you can taste it. Don’t look at me that way. Cause I’ll be C Em C G/B Em hanging from a rope. I will haunt you like a ghost. I think you get the idea. Anyway, good luck, have fun, and support this artist please, play a really good live corrections or additions to
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