Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos – Broad Ripple Is Burnin Acoustic tab ver. 2

Capo 2

F#m:  244200
D:    x00232
A:    x02220
A/G#: 402220

Strum patterns not included in tab

Riff A:

Riff B:e|----0-----2----0----0------------0------------2---------------------------|B|----0-----3----2----2------------0------------3-----------------2---2-----|G|----2-----2----2----2------------2------------2-------2---------2---2-----|D|----4---0------2----2------------4-------2p0--0--2h4----4--2----2---2-----|A|----4--------0----0-----0--------4---2h4----------------------0---0----0--|E|--2------------------------4---2-----------------------------------------4|
(Riff A x2) F#m D Honey, broadripple is burning A And the girls are getting sick F#m D Off snortin' coke up in the bathroom A While their boyfriends pick up chicks F#m And darling, I'm lost, D A I heard you whispering that night in Fountain Square F#m D The trash-filled streets made me wish A We were headed home F#m D And there was love inside the basement A Where that woman used to lie F#m D In a sleeping bag we shared A Upon the floor most every night F#m And darling, I'm drunk D A And everything that I have loved has turned to stone F#m D A So pack your bags and come back home Chorus: F#m D And I'm wasted, you can taste it A A/G# F#m Don't look at me that way D F#m 'Cause I'll be hanging from a rope D A/G# F#m I'll be hanging from a rope (Riff A x2) And if my woman was a fire She'd burn out before I wake And be replaced by pints of whiskey, Cigarettes, and outer space Then somebody moves And everything you thought you had has gone to shit But we've got a lot, don't ever forget that And I wrote this on an airplane Where the people look like ants And when a woman that you loved is gone She's bombing East Japan And don't fucking move 'Cause everything you think you have will go to shit But we've got a lot, don't you dare forget that Chorus (Riff B) Chorus
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