Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos - On A Freezing Chicago Street tab version 1

This should be right on.....Strum pattern at the begtinning is up to you, its easy after 
practice it a few times.

Capo 2nd Fret  all chords relative to capo (i dont know the name of a chord in the 
so i called it F? )............

e---2--2h3p2--0----------------------------|b---3--3------3----3---3----3--2--2--2-----|g---2--2------0-----0---0----0--0--0-------| X2 INTROd-------------0---0---0----2--2--2--2------|a-------------0-----------2----------------|E-------------0--3---2---0-----------------|
e---2--2h3p2--0----------------------------|b---3--3------3----3---3----3--2--2--2-----|g---2--2------0-----0---0----0--0--0-------| VERSE (2nd time)d-------------0---0---0----2--2--2--2------| end on Em and struma-------------0-----------2----------------| (Em strums with lyricE-------------0--3---2---0-----------------| beginning on "took" )
CHORUS----------------------------------- Chords used.....they are placed above the lyric in which you change chords. Em Bm F?
Em All those pills you took Bm Em F? And we got drunk on cheap red wine in a paper cup REPEAT VERSE Em Bm Em F? And Sarah screamed your every breath is a gift Bm Em F? If you weren't so selfish then you might want to live SONG PROGRESS IS AS FOLLOWS......... INTRO x2 VERSE x2 CHORUS DRUM FILL(IN WHICH I STRUM THE STRING WHILE MUTING ALL OF THEM) VERSE x2 CHORUS(CHORDS ARE SITUATED DIFFERENTLY IN THIS CHORUS AND THE LAST ONE) DRUM FILL INTRO x4 OR HOWEVER LONG YOU WANT VERSE x2 CHORUS OUTRO(JUST LIKE INTRO) any questions or comment you can email me at
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