Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos - Barfight Revolution Power Violence tab version 1

Band : Margot And The Nuclear So And So's
Song : Dress Me Like A Clown
Album: The Dust Of Retreat
Tabbed By: Calum (
Normal Tuning

x   - Palm Mute
b   - Bend
b~  - Bend Up Then Down
h   - Hammer-On Directly After Note Before

Intro Guitar 1:e|-------6-6--------6-6--------6-6---------------|B|-------7-7--------7-7--------7-7---------------|G|-------8-8--------8-8--------8-8------------6--|D|----8--8-8-----8--8-8-----8--8-8------6--------|A|-4/6---6-6--4/6---6-6--4/6---6-6-----6----8----|E|-----------------------------------4----6------|
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