Margot And The Nuclear So And Sos - Cheap Motel Room tab

Standard Tuning---you should pick through these chords throughout the intro and verse.....

chords used

Am G1 Gb1 F G2 Gb2 Am/B C Eb Am/? C2e-----------------1------------------------------------------|b---1---1---1-----1---3----3-----1-------3---3-----3-----1---|g---2-------------2--------------------------------2---------|d---2-------------3----------------------2---------2-----2---|a-------2---------3---2----------2-------3---2--- -0-----3---|e-------3---2-----1---3----2---------------------------------|
INTRO Am---G1---Gb1---F VERSE Am---G2---C---Am/B BRIDGE (Here there is a hammer on on the can figure it out by listening to the you begin by strumming upward.) Am---F---Am---F---Am---F---Am---Am/?---Eb CHORUS Am---C2---Eb---F
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