Mariah Carey - Hate U chords

D A F#m once upon a time we swore not to say goodbye . something got a hold of us
Am D A and we changed . and then you sat at home in pride . and i sat at home and
F#m Amcried how our fairtytell just end up this way ...
D A F#m we went round for round till we knocked love out . we were laying in the
Am D A F# ring not making a sound . and if that's a metaphor of you and i . why is it
Amso hard to say goodbye?
D A F#mi can't wait to hate you make you pain like i do . still can't shake you
Am D A F#m off .. i can't wait to break through these emotional changes .. seems like
Am D Asuch a lost cause.. i can't wait to face you break you down so low theres
F#m Amno place left to go ..
D A F#m Ami can't wait to hate you oOOoooo oOOOOooo
you just repeat the same chords throughout the whole song =) let me know what you guys think? -gammy
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