Mariah Carey – Hate U chords ver. 3

I dont know what people are hearing when they found their chords but this sounds 
pretty accurate to me! =)
 Capo on third fret, and its C,D,Em, and G. You can finger-pick or just use a 
simple strum pattern and it works perfectly. I hope you enjoy!! <3

COnce upon a time
DWe swore not to say goodbye
EmSomething got a hold of us
EmAnd we changed
CAnd you, sat alone in pride
DAnd I, sat at home and cried
Em GHow'd our, fairy tale just end up this way?
CWe went round for round
DTil' we knocked love out
EmWe were laying in the ring
GNot making a sound
C DAnd if that's a metaphor of you and I
Em GWhy is it so hard to say goodbye?.....
and its basically the same pattern throughout the entire song =)
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