Mariah Carey – Triumphant Get Em chords


Very easy song with just five chords.
F G Am C E7

F G Am C (one chord per bar) x 2

AmThey told me get em, I got em, I swear this word to my father
CAnd the only way to make it to the top, if you go and get it from the bottom
FAnd I ain’t never asked for no hand outs, you won’t carry me, no Mariah
E7These haters love when I was dead broke, but they ain’t mad at me,
AmI’m on fire and I’m gon’ burn, and I ain’t gon’ learn,
CI remember they said that it ain’t my turn, but it ain’t confirmed, then the tables turned
FJust look at me now, try to hold me down
E7But I ain’t gon’ stop, cause I’m gon’ climb, to the mountain top, to the mountain top, now let go
F G Am CCan’t fall do-o-o-own stay triumphant keep on living
F GStay on your toes, get off the ropes
Am CDon’t let em ever count you out
F GRealize all things are possible
Am CIn your heart who’s the greatest
E7Reach for the stars, be all that you are, and make em all fall down
AmPath that I choose flashing camera’s as I pose
CThrowing big money as she dances on the pole
FLime green Lamborghini dances in the road
E7License still suspended, no I never stop for tolls
AmBorn slick talker, twice a week shopper
CBlow a hundred wreck she don’t know a footlocker
FRed bottom boss house big as Baltimore
E7With a blonde bombshell tryin to bomb with your boy
F GIn the James Bond Beamer chrome wheel two seater
Am CSmoking like Pimp C, spoken like a true ni**a
F GOn a cloudy day baby I can make it rain
Am CRubber band, 50 grand bet it brighten up your day
FCame from humble beginnings
GThen was Hummers and Benzes
Am CNow it’s hundred and millions this is only the beginning
E7A don, a diva, the bomb achiever
The one believer, the game gets deeper BRIDGE:
F G Am C (one chord per bar)E7 (four bars)
FCan’t fall down now, so even when clouds surround you
AmAnd everyone seems to doubt you
GBaby still know who you are
F So you gotta keep on climbing
E7In spite of the chains that bind you
You can see the mountain top, it’s not too far
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