Marie Digby – Say It Again tab

Song: Say It Again
Artist: Marie Magby
Tabbed by: Melross John C. Allado

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Chords used:(w/o capo)        >>>>  Chords used:(w/ capo on 5th fret)
C/G - x32013                  >>>>  G   - 875588
G   - 320033 or 355433     >>>>  D   - xx5787 
Dm  - xx0231                  >>>>  Am  - x57765
F   - 133211                  >>>>  Cadd9/A- x87585

 In the song, the chords are played with a fast suspended chord afterwards. For example,
after G(355433), a Gsus(355533) will be played once. It also applicable to the capo version
the song on its D chords (strumming Dsus xx5788 once). Anyways, it's your own decision 
you do this or's juz like a flavor for the song hehe...peace...

Verse 1:

The thing about love
  G               Dm     F
Is i never saw it coming
               C/G    G             Dm    F
It kinda crept up and took me by surprise
                  C/G             G                   Dm      
And now there`s a voice inside my heart that`s got me wondering
        C/G    G                         Dm   F
Is this true, i want to hear it one more time


          Dm            G
Move in a little closer
        C/G          F
Take it to a whisper
              Dm     G
Just a little louder


       C/G       G
Say it again for me
      Dm              F                  C/G             G
Cuz i love the way it feels when you are telling me that i`m
         Dm                 F
The only one who blows your mind
       C/G       G
Say it again for me
              Dm                   F
It`s like the whole world stops to listen
         C/G     G         Dm   F
When you tell me you`re in love
Say it again

Verse 2:

            C/G        G                Dm     F
Thing about you is you know just how to get me
               C/G     G              Dm       F
You talk about us like there`s no end in sight
                C/G        G             Dm         F
The thing about me is that i really want to let you
          C/G      G      Dm         F
Open that door and walk into my life

*Say it again Refrain

*Say it again Chorus


       Dm    F         C         G
And it feels like it`s the first time
     Dm        F                C               G
That anybody's ever brought the sun without the rain
    Dm F     C        G
And never in my whole life
     Dm            F            C                  G
Have I heard words as beautiful as when you say my name

*Say it again Chorus

Say it again (Say it again as many times as you want hehe)
         C/G     G         Dm    F
When you tell me you`re in love?
Say it again
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