Marie Digby – Gimmie More tab

Left handed
Capo 2


G F# Ae|--3---2---5B|--3---2---5G|--4---3---6D|--5---4---7A|--5---4---7E|--3---2---5
Intro: E G F# A E G F# A Verse: E G F# A Every time they turn the lights down E G F# A E Just want to go that extra mile for you E G F# A You public display of affection E G F# A Feels like no one else in the room E G F# A We can get down like there’s no one around E G F# A We'll keep on rockin' (We'll keep on rockin') E G F# A Cameras are flashin' while we're dirty dancin' E G F# They keep watching (They keep watching) A Feels like the crowd is saying Chorus: E Gimme, Gimme F Gimme Gimme, Gimme, (335543) Gimme, Gimme Gimme A Gimme, Gimme, More
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