Marillion - Quartz Less Is More chords

Marillion - Quartz (Less Is More version)

Intro: Em

Em F#mI can imagine nothing more tedious
Em F#mThan trying to have fun with you again
Em F#mMaybe it's just something in my mind
Em F#mBut I hate feeling like I'm trying all the time
EmIt's a kind of lie
F#m Em F#m Em F#m Em F#m When we pretend that we're still friends
Em F#mAnd every time I smile d'you wonder if I'm laughin' at you?
Em F#mAnd with every little grin you don't want to be wonderin'
Em F#m Em F#m Just exactly what it is I'm taking pleasure in
Guitar melody: Em
EmAlthough I always said
F#m EmWe were basically the same and all one
F#m All one
Em F#mIt's so easy to persuade myself
Em F#mThat I'm clockwork and you're quartz
Em F#mI'm clockwork and you're quartz
Guitar melody: Em
Gm FmYou're only happy when you're oiled and jewelled
Ebm DmYou're only happy when you wind me up
Gm FmAnd I know You're so reliable it isn't true
Ebm DmAnd it's so easy for me to break down
Gm FmIf I could jump a ride between the skin and silicon then
Ebm DmWe could join hands and understand. Hallelujah!
GmBut I listen
Fmto the ticking
Ebm DmI guess we're worlds apart ...
For this part, just follow the Gm/Fm/Ebm/Dm progression until the end, end on Em It's so hard So hard So hard
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