Marillion - Marbles I chords

Marillion-Marbles I

F#m: 244222
Esus2: x244x0   
G: 320033

Intro: F#m, Esus2 (alternately until lyrics start)

F#mDid anyone see my last marble
Esus2As it rolled out and over the floor?
F#m It fell through a hole in the corner
Esus2 Of a room in a town on a tour
F#mIt's lonely without your last marble
Esus2 I miss it not rattling around
F#m Esus2 As I lie in my bed there's a space in my head
F#m AmWhere there used to be colours and sound..
Ending: Am, G (alternately until song ends) Enjoy playing this mellow song. If you have any comments, please let me know by writing a comment. Dennis
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