Marilyn Manson – Rock Is Dead tab ver. 2

Marilyn Manson - Rock Is Dead

Standard tuning

/ slide up \ slide down    x  mute

INTRO RIFFThe mutes in this song have harmonics but im not 100% sure what frets I just play them on 9Listen to the song you'll understande---------------------------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------------------------G---11--11---x--x---11--11---x--x--11--11---x--x----11----14----D---11--11---x--x---11--11---x--x--11--11---x--x----11----14----A----9---9---x--x----9---9---x--x---9---9---x--x-----9----12----E---------------------------------------------------------------Repeat this about 4 times
Fill 1 This part is heard right after the first verse Hold the notes I added the lyrics to try and help with timing Don't know if it does any good though
D-7-7-------------------------/-10---/12------A-7-7-------------------------/-10---/12------E-5-5-------------------------/-10---/12------ Anything to belong
Chorus This time I added only key lyrics when changes are made
G----11------9--11--9-------11-----9--11--9------9----7---9---7---------9----7--9--7----D----11------9--11--9-------11-----9--11--9------9----7---9---7---------9----7--9--7----A-----9------7---9--7--------9-----7---9--7------7----5---7---5---------7----5--7--5---- Rock is deader shock is all
Chorus cont… hold then slideG------7------6--7--6--------7------6--7--6------6------------/--9----------D------7------6--7--6--------7------6--7--6------6------------/--9----------A------5------4--5--4--------5------4--5--4------4------------/--7---------- Your sex is all so fuck put
Fill 2 The first note of fill 2 is barely audible but its right after he screams bed and the Song gets quiet just listen you should be able to hear it Played on an acoustic or a really clean electric strum down lightly
G---11-------14-------------16-------------------D---11-------14-------------16------------------A----9-------12-------------14----------------- God is in the tv
Interlude Just a small variation to the intro
G---11--x----11---x-----11---x------11-------14-------------D---11--x----11---x-----11---x------11-------14-------------A----9--x----9----x-----9----x------9--------12------------- Rock!
That's it for the tab here's a helpful guide Intro x4 Fill 1 x2 Chorus x1 Fill 2 x1 Interlude x4 Fill 1 x2 Intro x4 Fill 1 x2 Chorus x2
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