Marilyn Manson – King Kill 33 tab

King Kill 33 by Marilyn Manson
Guitarist: John5
Album: Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)
Dif.: 5
Tabbed by Twiggy5

Fill (Gtr. 1) (clean)D|--1-------|A|--1-------|D|--1-------|
Intro (Gtr. 1) (w/ dist.)D|-1-1-------1-1-----------------1-1-------7-7-7-7--|A|-1-1--4h6--1-1--6p4------------1-1--4h6--7-7-7-7--|D|-1-1-------1-1-----------------1-1-------7-7-7-7--|
Verse/Chorus (Gtr. 1)D|-1-1-----|---|---|-1-1-----|-1-1-----|---|---|-7-7-7-7-|A|-1-1-4h6-|-%-|-%-|-1-1-6p4-|-1-1-4h6-|-%-|-%-|-7-7-7-7-|D|-1-1-----|---|---|-1-1-----|-1-1-----|---|---|-7-7-7-7-|
Verse/Chorus (Gtr. 2) (“And I have to tell you..”)E|--17-------------------------------17----------------|B|---------16----17-----------------------16-----17----|G|---------------------15---14-------------------------|
Song Structre: - Bees “Blame Me” Fill Intro (Gtr. 1) Verse (Gtr. 1) Verse (Gtr. 1)/Verse (Gtr. 2) Chorus (Gtr. 1)/Chorus (Gtr. 2) Simple as pie... Well maybe easier... Guitar 2 is a synth. guitar... And it's really kool cause this song is about Kennedy, I mean Kennedy was the 33rd president.. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestion email me at
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