Marilyn Manson - Cryptorchid tab

Song: Cryptorchid
Artist: Marilyn Manson
Album: Antichrist Superstar
As tabbed by Joe Muggah	

Verse A (Guitar 1)e--9----5----7----9----12----10----9---------------------B--------------------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------------------D--------------------------------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------("Each time I make my mother cry...")
Verse B (Guitar 2)e-----------------------------------------------------14-B------12-11--------12-11-------12-11---------12-11------G--9------------9-----------9-----------8-9--------------D--------------------------------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------
Chorus A (Synth for Guitar 1)e--------------------------------------------------------B--13--------10-11---10----13--------10-11---10----------G--12---12------10---10----12---12------10---10----------D--10---12-------8---------10---12-------8---------------A-------10------------8---------10------------8----------E--------------------------------------------------------("Prick your finger it is done...")
Chorus B (Guitar 2)e--------------------------------------------------------B--13--------10-11---10----13--------10-11---10----------G-------12----------------------12-----------------------D--------------------------------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------
Verse A Verse A, B Chorus A Chorus A, B Chorus A =========== Artist: Marilyn Manson Song: Cryptorchid Album: AntiCrist Superstar Tabbed by: Lars E. Bakken (the lousiest guitar player in Sweden) Ok. There isn't much to tab in this song, but anyway it seemed to me that it was enough to put up here. So here We go.. The first Part of the to is very hard to hear but I think it's something like: E, G, C. Over and over again. I'm only sure of that E major. Second part would be: C prick your finger it is done... G the moon has now eclipsed the sun... A A# the angel has spread his wings... F the time has come for bitter things... And That's it Folks.. =========== Cryptorchid Tabbed by ›judas› This is the synth part in the second half of the song. It's really the only music that can be tabbed out in the song. prick your finger it is done... the moon has now eclipsed the sun... the angel has spread his wings... the time has come for bitter things...
e:-----------------------------| B:-----------------------------| G:-----------------------------| D:-----------------------------| A:-----------------------------| E:---10---5----5-6-8---7-------|
If you want it to sound like the album,, let the notes ring. Just listen, you'll understand. Its a fatty-boom-batty little riff. Mess with it alot.
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