Marilyn Manson – Hell Outro tab

Sweet Hell Outro by Marilyn Manson
Guitarist: John 5
Album: The Last Tour On Earth
Dif.: 7
Tabbed by Twiggy5

Hell OutroG|-9-9-7-9--XXXXX--9-9-7-5--------|D|-9-9-7-9--XXXXX--9-9-7-5--------|A|-7-7-5-7--XXXXX--7-7-5-3--------|E|--------------------------0-3-0-| ^ gets slightly faster every repeat then just go so fast that you just do random shyt
Song Structure: Intro Verse Chorus Interlude Rest Verse 2 Chorus 2 Rest for Bridge Solo Rest Verse 2 End Chorus Hell Outro Very very very fun to play... Especially Hell Outro cause you just get faster and faster everytime and it’s just ahh shyt... Yeah... If you have any comments, corrections suggestions email me at ===========name:hell outro(live) artist:marilyn manson album:last tour on earth track:14 intro x7 00:18 e b g d xxxxxxxxxxxx 5/6 2 a xxxxxxxxxxxx 5/6 2 e xxxxxxxxxxxx 3/4 0 chorus 00:42 e b g d 55/62/6 55/62/622 a 55/62/6 55/62/622 e 33/40/4 33/40/400 solo 2:28 x7 e b g d a e 3210 3210 3210 321 END.sounds good to me. email me for corrections, ======================== Author/Artist: Marilyn Manson Title: Hell Outro Album: Long Hard Road Out of Hell/ Last Tour on Earth Transcribed by: Lucas Aske Email: In Long Hard Road Out of Hell this is Slow, but play it fast on The Last Tour on Earth, after Sweet Dreams ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-5-5-3-5---5-5-4-------------------------------------------------------------- -3-3-1-3---3-3-2--4-2-4-2----------------------------------------------------- ------------------2-0-2-0-----------------------------------------------------
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