Marilyn Manson - The Inauguration Of The Mechanical Christ tab

          Author/Artist: Marilyn Manson 
          Title: The Inauguration of the Mechanical Christ 
          Album: The Last Tour On Earth 
          Transcribed by: Greg Sutton 
          Standard Tuning: 
          Low to High (EADGBe) 
          Guitar comes in when Manson says "This isn't me, I'm not mechanical" 
          Starts at approx. 1:39 of the track 
          Repeats 8 times 
e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------ B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------ G|------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D|-9-9-9-9--11-11-11-11--12-12-12-12--14-14-16-16------------------------------- A|-9-9-9-9--11-11-11-11--12-12-12-12--14-14-16-16------------------------------- E|-7-7-7-7--9--9--9--9---10-10-10-10--12-12-14-14-------------------------------
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