Marilyn Manson – Kiddie Grinder tab

          Kiddie Grinder
          By Marilyn Manson
          From Smells Like Children
          Tabbed By Mike Gagnon
e------2--4b- B-4-4-------- G------------ D------------ A------------ D------------
e-------------------------- B-------------------------- G-7-7----------7-7--------- D-7-7-6/7-6/7--7-7-7\6-5/6- A-5-5-6/7-6/7--5-5-7\6-5/6- D-----4/5-4/5------5\4-3/4-
This is what I have done for the past two days: Scab, Guns, and Peanut Butter (G) Kiddie Grinder (G&B) Everlasting Cocksucker (G) I am still working on the bass for Everlasting Cocksucker!!!! p.s. I hate remixes
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