Marilyn Manson – King Kill 3 tab

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          Artist    : Marilyn Manson
          Album     : Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)
          Song      : Track #18 - King Kill 33ΒΊ
          Tuning: (from low to high) D#,A#,D#,G#,C,D#
          If you have a capo, simply tune the guitar to Drop D (DADGBE)
          and place the capo on the first fret. My friend has stolen my capo,
          so this is for all the people without one!
          If you play with a capo, the 10 would become 9, the 12 would become 11,
          the 6 becomes a 5, and the 0 stays the same.
          This is quite possibly my favorite song from Holy Wood.
          I included the lyrics to this song because they're pretty hard to
          decipher otherwise.
          Intro : Synth transcribed for guitar
G#|-------------------------------------| D#|-0---0---------0---10-12---0---12-10-| A#|-0---0---------0---10-12---0---12-10-| D#|-0---0---------0---10-12---0---12-10-|
^lightly then G#|----------------------| D#|-0---10-12---0--6-6-6-| A#|-0---10-12---0--6-6-6-| D#|-0---10-12---0--6-6-6-|
Verse :
G#|-----------------------------------------| D#|-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-0-12-10-| A#|-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-0-12-10-| D#|-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-0-12-10-|
D#|-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-6-6-6-| A#|-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-6-6-6-| D#|-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-0-10-12-0-6-6-6-|
-Lyrics- Is this what you wanted? Is this what you get? Turned all your lives into this shit You never accepted Or treated me fair Blame me for what I believe And what I wear You fucked yourselves and You raised these sheep The blue and the withered seeds You will reap You never gave me a chance to be me Or even a fucking chance just to be But I have to show you That you played a role And I will destroy you With one simple hole The world that hates me Has taken its toll But now I have finally Taken control You wanted so bad to Make me this thing And I want you now to Just kill the king And I am not sorry, and I am not sorry This is what you deserve And I am not sorry, and I am not sorry This is what you deserve (King Kill 33) And I am not sorry, and I am not sorry This is what you deserve (King Kill 33) And I am not sorry, and I am not sorry This is what you deserve King Kill 33 King Kill 33 King Kill 33 King Kill 33 = Song:King Kill 33 Album:Holy Wood(In the Shadow of the Valley of Death) Artist:MAR1LYN MAN5ON TAbbed:Jose O. HErnandez Loyola Intro
E|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------|E|-0~~--0~~-----0---10-12---0---12-10------0---10--12---0--6666--| P.M.
Keyboard(Start in But i have to show you........)
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