Marilyn Manson – She Isnt My Girlfriend tab

          She Isn't My Girlfriend

          Tabbed by Liv Dahmer

          There is basically just one riff played through the whole
          song. There are a few other things played, such as various
          power chords; but I didn't list them.

          / : Slide Up            \ : Slide Down
          h : Hammer On           p : Pulloff
          ^ : Bend Up             v : Release Bend
          ~ : Tremlo              { : Pick Slide Up
          } : Pick Slide Down     (): Natural Harmonic
          x : Palm Mute

          *This riff sounds exactly like a higher version of 1996.

          Riff 1 (main; light distortion):

e|-------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------| G|-------------------------------------------| D|---2---2--2---4--6p5---7-7-7---6p5h6p5-----| A|-------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------|
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