Marilyn Manson - Son Of Man tab

Marilyn Manson - Son Of Sam
Submitted By: TWIGGy5
Guitarist: Daisy Berkowitz
Album: Birth Of The Antichrist & Genisis Of The Devil
Dif.: 7
Tabbed by Twiggy5

Verse P2e|-----10--10h12----15\14-15\14-15\14\10--10/12--12--|b|-12------------------------------------------------|
Interlude (Gtr. 1)A|--------5^---------------------------------|E|--/7-7-----7--6--5-5-5-5---0-4-5--5--6---7-| * slide first time only
Interlude (Gtr. 2) E|------------10~~~-10~~~~\-----------------------| <<<<<< Interlude P2 (Gtr. 2) G|--6-----6--7--6--4---7--7\6--4---7--7\6--4--- Interlude P2 (Gtr. 2) (cont.) E|--10--10\9--7--7--5---5--5/7--7---7\-|
Chorus (“Nobody wants him…..”)E|------0--------2--|--------------------------|-%-|B|------0----3---3--|--------------------------|-%-|G|------0----2---2--|--------------------------|-%-|D|-2----2----0---0--|--------------------7-8-9-|-%-|A|-2----2-----------|-9-9--9----7--7-8-9-------|-%-|E|-0----0-----------|-7-7--7-10----------------|-%-|
Outro (Gtr. 1)D|-14-14-14-14--12-12-12-12-11-11-11-11--5-5-5--4-4-4-|A|-14-14-14-14--12-12-12-12-11-11-11-11--5-5-5--4-4-4-|E|-12-12-12-12--10-10-10-10--9--9--9--9--3-3-3--2-2-2-|
Outro-Solo e|--10--12-10-12--10h12p10--10-12-10-12--14-15-14-15-14-12-|-%-| (high e) Outro Solo (cont.) e|-10-12-10-12\-| Song Structure: - Drums Drums Bass And Synth. Intro Verse (“Rise up son of sam…….”) Verse P2 Verse (“Blood and family….”) Interlude (Gtr. 1)/Interlude (Gtr. 2) Interlude P2 (Gtr. 2) Verse Verse P2 Verse (“He wants all to kill…..”) Chorus Intro Verse P2 Verse (“Now the time is here…..”) Chorus Intro Verse P2 Interlude (Gtr. 1) Verse (“Gun shots full of lead……”) Verse P2 (“Running as fast as……”) Outro (Gtr. 1) Outro Solo Okay…… Weird song. Now for the interlude guitar one and two play at the same time then guitar 1 cuts out cause bass plays it same goes for the outro solo…………… If you don’t know what I’m talking about just email me…. If you have any comments corrections or suggestions email me at =========== Song: Son of Man (Iron Man) Artist: Marilyn Manson Written by: Black Sabbath Lyrics by: Marilyn Manson Album: Genesis of the devil (In Sweden only) Tabed by: Per "Pogo" Stenberg This is the worst cover of Iron Man I have ever heard! Daisy sucks so much that he can't even play the solos! The first Iron Man solo rocks! But none of the solos are in this crapy song! Sara lee lucas don't even play the real drum beats! If only Twiggy, John 5 and Ginger where here. Son of Man and Wormboy is the worst Manson songs ever! FUCK YOU DAISY! Intro
------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ -9-12-12-14-14-12/1112/1112/11-12-14-14- -9-12-12-14-14-10/9-10/9-10/9--12-14-14- -7-10-10-12-12-------------------10-12-12-
Littel "solo"
------------------------------------------ -10-13-15-15-18-17-18-17-18-17------------ -------------------------------17-17-19-19 ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------
Riff 2
--------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- --------------------------- -------5------------------- -7-7-7--7-6-5-5-5-0-4-5-5-6
"Solo" 2
------------------------------------------ ----------------------11-10-8------------- -7-7-6-4---7-7-6-4------------10-7-7h10p7- ---------7---------7---------------------- ------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------
Riff 3
-----12------------------------- -------12----------------------- -------------------------------- -9-7-----------------------7-8-9 -7-5------9-9------7-7-8-9------ ----------7-7-7-10--------------
Riff 4 (outro)
-------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------------------- -------------------6-6h7p6h7p6-- -9-7-9-7h9p7-9-7-9-------------7 --------------------------------
There you go... Don't send me any hate letters becuse I say that a goat can play better then him... see ya!
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