Marilyn Manson – A Rose And A Baby Ruth tab

Song: A Rose and a Baby Ruth
Artist: Marilyn Manson
Album: -
As tabbed by Joe Muggah

Played on a clean, electric guitar.Chords used: A D7 E7 Asus Dm7 F#m B A? e--0----2----0----0----1----2----2----5--------------------B--2----1----3----2----1----2----4----5--------------------G--2----2----1----0----2----2----4----6--------------------D--2----0----2----2----0----4----4----7--------------------A--0---------2----0---------4----2----0--------------------E------------0--------------2------------------------------
Intro: A D7 A D7 Do do do do Verse: A D7 A D7 We had a quarrel. A teenage quarrel. A E7 A Asus Now I'm as blue as I know how to be. D7 Dm7 A F#m I can call you on the phone. B E7 I can even see you at your home. Outro: A E7 A? Intro Verse Intro Outro The song is the same chord pattern the whole way through so just keep playing the verse over and over until the ending. An interesting Manson cover song.
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